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About Quilt

Quilt Strategy was founded by me, Katie Myhre. To me, a quilt is a great symbol for agriculture -- it can feel like farmers are in isolation on their own patches, and it can be difficult to see how we fit into the whole food system. But the truth is, the decisions that farmers make are not in isolation, for better and for worse. We are weaved together and have the potential to create a beautiful, thriving, resilient food system that protects our soil and feeds our communities, if we're thoughtful about how we fit together.


This year, my grandma is working on re-stitching a quilt by hand that my grandpa's grandmother hand-stitched herself with flour sacks in the 1930s. We are all products of the past, but we don't have to hold onto it. We have the opportunity to change what doesn't work for farmers, eaters, and soils to transform the systems we've inherited. My work with Quilt Strategy is an attempt at honoring my own agricultural past by working with farmers to create a future that intersects ecological care with socio-economic needs. 

Over the past decade, I have managed farmers markets, provided small business coaching, helped farmers, food businesses, farmers markets, and food hubs go online both locally and nationally. I'm in pursuit of a people- and climate-centered future for agriculture that protects farmers. My goal is to keep farmers farming by connecting them with the right tools and focused strategy to become more profitable. I'm grounded in my hometown of Barnum/Mahtowa, Minnesota and currently live in Minneapolis with my partner, a kindergarten educator in Minneapolis Public Schools, and our dog, who dreams of living on a farm.  

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