Grow what you love and get paid for it. 

We're here to help you take your farm sales online.


Demand for food grown on farms with soil health, conservation principles, and environmental health in mind is higher than ever. We know that demand doesn't mean anything to your farm if you're not finding the right buyers. Your customers are spending over 4 hours per day online -- it's time you meet them there. 

The fierceness you bring to the field every day, we bring it to marketing strategy. We launched our own online marketplace before it was cool, and in a post-COVID-19 world we've been around the block enough to see farms, businesses, and websites launch, grow, fail, and everywhere in between. From that, we believe in the business opportunity of farming in alignment with customer needs and the importance of best practices for marketing and sales. We want farm businesses to succeed, and we know how they can do it. 


We encourage diversification of farm businesses through smart online sales strategy and wholesale --  connecting farms with the skills, tools, and buyer relationships that match the scale of your business and will help you reach profitability. 


What do we mean by diversification? You can't be everywhere, and your energy is best spent farming -- that's why smart promotional partnerships will help you maximize your reach. Our friends at Frank and Ernest Foods will help you diversify into new customer bases, while maintaining your own direct sales margins. Click the logo to check out their online marketplace for food sales to the Minneapolis metro. 

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